It’s Beyonce And Jay-Z’s 10th Wedding Anniversary And Twitter Thinks They Have 444 Reasons To Drop Music

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Today is 4/4, which is Beyonce and Jay-Z’s wedding anniversary. To be specific, their 10th wedding anniversary. It just so happens their once in a lifetime occasion is here right before they’re set to go on tour – and Beyonce performs at Coachella – which has some people on social media speculating if we’ll finally get that collab album.

It’d certainly make sense. The power couple was recently seen filming a video in Jamaica. It could’ve been a clip for a trailer or another piece of content – but it could have also been a video for a song. Based on the relatively lukewarm chart response to their “Top Off” collaboration with Future and DJ Khaled, they may want to head into the performance season with more momentum.

It’s not like they need much buzz to do anything, as Beyonce and Jay’s history of successful impromptu music drops attests to, but it’d be nice. Many people are speculating that we could see some music drop at 4:44 PM, which is the title of Jay-Z’s neoclassic 4:44 album, plus the clock’s best answer to their running “4” theme. People were already anticipating the album last night – and some stayed up until 4:44 AM this morning. Hopefully, those people will be up this afternoon and locked to Tidal if something pops up.