Did Beyonce And Solange Really Fall Onstage At Her Second Coachella Performance?

Getty Image

After Beyonce’s second tour de force performance at Coachella last night a rumor got started that Queen Bey and her sister accidentally fell during an otherwise carefully choreographed dance. At first blush this rumor seems to have some truth to it, after all we can a few videos of the supposed blunder over on social media.

The story has been reported as fact all over the internet. Of course, it has a delicious, scandalous vibe to it: The Queen B herself is human. She makes mistakes just like us. After eleven hours a day of rehearsal, even the mighty can fall. And even better: she brushed it off and jumped right back into action like nothing happened. A true professional. But upon deconstruction of the video, is it reasonable to ask if perhaps the fall itself was meant to be part of the routine?

The backup dancers are unphased by what happens. In fact, their perfectly choreographed response includes them responding in awe with jazz hands while looking down at Beyonce. No one even flinches. Then there is the response of Beyonce and Solange themselves. Immediately after the fall they lie on their back and kick their legs in almost perfect syncopation: as if it were part of the show. Perhaps the so-called “collapse” was a part of the dance which people assumed was something else and ran with. No confirmation from Solange or Beyonce yet so we’ll just have to wait.

However, there was at least one confirmed mishap at the Beyonce show. Whoever was in charge of this fan was sleeping on the job and forced Beyonce to adjust her own glam fan on the fly. A serious mistake indeed. Perhaps they should have deputized this passionate fan who protects Beyonce from falling off that crane with the sheer force of will.