Beyonce’s ‘X-Men’ Costume Brought Out The Internet Trolls

Ciara turned 30 this weekend, and she combined the milestone with a Halloween-themed party. Of course, she invited her good buddy Beyonce, as one does. Bey showed up in superhero garb with her friends, and Kelly Rowland Instagrammed the evidence because a party doesn’t happen unless someone brags about it on social media.

Ciara attended her party dressed up as Catwoman with her boyfriend, Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks, riding in as Batman. Her tight catsuit surely presented challenges for the couple’s vow of abstinence, but hey, more power to them. Beyonce took the party as Storm from the X-Men comics, and she went all out with appropriately piercing contact lenses and the character’s trademark white wig.

The reaction on Twitter was generally one of the Beyhive buzzing over their idol. And to be certain, Bey did look rather fierce, but there were some grumblings on Twitter from a few fans who were upset about two things: (1) How Beyonce allegedly “appropriated nerd culture”; and (2) How she did not surpass Halle Berry’s take on the Storm character.

So, was that fella serious about the appropriation claim? He kept talking, and it looked like he’s serious as a nerd heart attack. (On second thought — see his update below.)

Eh. The guy returned later and confirmed that he was joking around.

Still, people were fooled that the super-mega X-Men fan seemed pressed.

As for Beyonce’s fans, they were thrilled to see their idol in any form.

Comedian and MTV host Jeff Dye also posted some photos. What an exciting evening for him. Look at his face! Dude can’t control his own happiness.