Beyonce’s Mom Might’ve Casually Revealed Where The Name Rumi Came From

Alright, we still do not officially know whether it’s “Sir” Carter or “Sir Carter Carter” but it looks like there might have been some light shed on why the Carter’s named one of their newborn twins “Rumi” — and it comes from none other than Mrs. Tina Lawson.

Beyoncé’s mom, Tina Lawson, took to Instagram to share with us some wise words from thirteenth century poet Jala ad-Din Muhammad Rumi. She posted an excerpt from his poetry that includes six points all centered around love — but more specifically self-love — which is arguably the most important form of love. Whether or not this inspired the name for one of the Carter twins is all speculation, and we now know that Beyoncé is not going to let us know anything until she’s ready, but Mrs. Lawson could be giving us all the information we need.

“This is poetry by the 13 th century poet “Rumi” it’s not only beautiful but logical ❤️ love number three ❤️Sometimes we are the reason we can’t find love!! We have to work on ourselves first to be whole❤️,” she wrote in the post’s caption.

It seems like the Carter’s themselves are reevaluating what is important in life. If we consider Beyoncé’s album Lemonade and Jay-Z’s recent release of 4:44 we see that they went through personal turbulence, but have seemed to get it together in the name of love and family. So whether or not Rumi was named after the poet, love is in the air in the Carter household and we couldn’t be more excited.