Cardi B’s Sizzling Verse On DRAM’s ‘Cute’ Makes The Remix Even Cuter

Cardi B is everywhere right now. She smashed her BET Awards post-party performance, she’s covered Fader and signed to Atlantic Records, legendary artists are clamoring to work with her, she’s already being nominated for awards after only a couple years in the game, and fans are already pitting her against the top names in the business, fully believing she’s a threat to snatch the crown as readily as she has snatched wigs on Love & Hip-Hop reunion specials.

Well, Big Baby D.R.A.M. may not be a legend quite yet, but he is one of the best performers out right now, and he’s taken notice of the furor surrounding Cardi. He also probably noticed that she is pretty cute, to say the least. So, he decided to remix his single “Cute,” on its one year anniversary, adding a Cardi verse to give it new life.

For her part, Cardi sticks to her guns, still using her gifts to milk potential suitors for all they’ve got before discarding them and moving on to the next, saying, “You think I’m cute, but I think you’re ugly / Trust me, it’s cool, I use you for money.” She’s been hustling for a long time now, and with bars like this, it looks like her newfound success hasn’t changed her one bit.