Brooklyn Folkies Big Thief Already Announced A Follow Up To Last Year’s ‘Masterpiece’

The soft, contemplative folkies of Big Thief have announced their next album, following their 2016 debut Masterpiece, which was number 3 on our best folk albums of 2016 list. Big Thief’s upcoming LP, Capacity, will be out on June 19. Today, they have also shared the video for the lead single “Mythological Beauty,” which you can watch above.

The video for “Mythological Beauty” is just that, mythological beauty. It takes you on a whirlwind fantasy ride where the group’s vocalist and guitarist, Adrianne Lenker meanders through an unknown forest winter that seems to be bound by neither space nor time, only imagination. She desperately carries the helpless body of guitarist Buck Meek to some sort of sacrificial ritual. The video ends with her being “all caught up inside” the ethereal, pink-glowing body of Meek, in a way that is neither gruesome nor scary, but rather fantastical and elegant.

Here is the tracklist for the Capacity.

1. “Pretty Things”
2. “Shark Smile”
3. “Capacity”
4. “Watering”
5. “Coma”
6. “Great White Shark”
7. “Mythological Beauty”
8. “Objects”
9. “Haley”
10. “Mary”
11. “Black Diamonds”

And here is the album artwork.

Don’t miss Big Thief on their international tour in the upcoming months, including a date at FYF Fest in Los Angeles. Get tickets here. Capacity is out June 16 via Saddle Creek.

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