Bishop Nehru’s Spacey ‘Up, Up & Away’ With Lion Babe Continues His Ascent To Rap Stardom

Bishop Nehru‘s latest single from his upcoming, Kaytranada and MF Doom-produced album features yet another jazzy beat from Kay, fiery internal rhymes from Bishop himself, and an angelic hook from neo-soul vocalist Jillian Hervey of Lion Babe. Like the other tracks from Act I of Elevators, it has a song of ascension, expressed literally in its title, “Up, Up & Away.” Check it out below.

Nehru, a New York-born rapper who released his first official project at the age of just 18 years old, has an attention-to-detail that’s hard to match. So far the rollout for the independently produced and distributed Elevators has outshone some major label joints in recent years. Starting with an intricately filmed, stop-motion animation trailer announcing the project, Bishop, Kaytranada, and MF Doom have released two special-sounding singles that should genuinely hype fans of lyrical, throwback rap with an updated, modern sound.

“Rooftops” resurrected the jazzy aesthetic that informed many of Bishop’s lyrical influences (including MF Doom himself), while “Up, Up & Away” is more experimental, with airy synths and an Isley-esque guitar solo underpinning the young MC’s positive rhymes. Nehru is exactly the sort of lyricist old school heads have clamored for in recent years, so if Lil Pump is a little too punk for your tastes, check out Elevators, Act I & II when it drops next week, March 16