Björk Shares Unsettling Details About Her Sexual Harassment Experience With A Danish Film Director

10.17.17 1 year ago 3 Comments

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Yesterday, Björk wrote about her experience with sexual harassment, which is widely believed to be at the hands of director Lars von Trier, for several reasons: She said it was a Danish director she was talking about, the only film Björk has starred in von Trier’s Dancer In The Dark, and von Trier publicly denied the allegations yesterday.

Now, Björk has expanded on her original Facebook post with a new one from this morning, in which she details a handful of incidents that she thinks “count as sexual harassment.” She describes some unsettling scenarios, like when the director “stroked me sometimes for minutes against my wishes,” when he “exploded and broke a chair in front of everyone on set” after being told to stop touching her, and the time “he threatened to climb from his room’s balcony over to mine in the middle of the night with a clear sexual intention, while his wife was in the room next door.”

The singer said “it feels extremely difficult to come out with something of this nature into the public,” but that she feels that “it is the right time especially now when it could make a change.”

Read Björk’s full post below.

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