Blac Chyna Flaunts Her Status In Her Opulent Video For ‘My Word’

Blac Chyna is an actor, makeup brand founder, and star of her very own TV show, The Real Blac Chyna, whose second season is currently in production. But that’s not all. As of 2017, Chyna is also a rapper. Having released her debut single this past summer, she shared her song “My Word” this week alongside an opulent video.

The video finds Chyna tapping Too Short, Keak Da Sneak, and makeup mogul and YouTuber Jeffree Star. Chyna flaunts her wealth, cars, and Birkin bags while delivering verses about enjoying the finer things in life. “I’m rocking sh*t you b*tchеs never evеn heard,” she raps.

Ahead of the video’s release, Chyna sat down with Uproxx to discuss her semi-recent pivot to rap. While she’s put out a handful of singles so far, an album is not yet in the works:

“No, I’m not going to do an album right now. I’m just focusing on singles because I want people to understand that I’m serious about this and I want to put out visuals with each song that I put out so they can get used to my sound and they know, ‘Okay. Chyna’s taking it serious and she’s not just doing this because she’s old Blac Chyna,’ or anything like that. I’m just taking the proper steps to let people know, ‘Hey, I’m serious about this and this is something I want to do and I’m passionate about it.’

Watch Blac Chyna’s “My Word” above.