The Black Keys Go To Intensive Therapy After Five Years Apart In Their Hilarious ‘Go’ Video

The Black Keys have been quiet since their 2014 album Turn Blue, and apparently, that’s because Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney haven’t spoken to each other at all since then. That’s not literally true, of course, but it is the premise of their funny video for the new single, “Go.” In the clip, the two start in therapy, refusing to speak to each other, before being sent to a hippie commune retreat to try to work through their issues. The whole thing is pretty hilarious, and as for the song, it’s a classic Black Keys rocker that shows they’re still as in sync as they’ve ever been… even if they aren’t on speaking terms.

Director Bryan Schlam said of the video, “For ‘Go,’ I felt like we needed to address the elephant in the room. Where have the guys been for 5 years? I thought: Let’s send them to the next level of therapy. A retreat. A commune. A place that’s supposed to symbolize peace and unity… and they’ll hate every second of it. It was a challenging video, not only in the task of having Dan and Patrick act in almost every shot — but also in keeping a narrative that feels cinematic and funny at the same time. We tried to balance the two, relying on situational humor and the effortlessly cool vibe of the song.”

Meanwhile, Carney said of the video, “It was great making this video with Bryan, partially because it was filmed at the very type of place it is making fun of,” and Auerbach chimed in, “The video was fun, but we still haven’t spoken.”

Watch the video for “Go” above.

“Let’s Rock” is out 6/28 via Easy Eye Sound/Nonesuch Records. Pre-order it here.

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