Black Midi Announced Their Highly Anticipated Debut Album, ‘Schlagenheim’

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UK band Black Midi have impressed this year with math-influenced punk singles like “Crow’s Perch” and “Talking Heads,” and all the while, they’ve been coy about what their plans are for a debut album. When asked if songs the group had worked on would be part of an upcoming record, the band’s Georgie Greep said, “Yeah… I’m not sure about that. We’ll see.” Now, we have a confirmation: Black Midi’s debut album is called Schlagenheim, and it’s set for release on June 21 via Rough Trade Records.

The band recorded the record with Speedy Wunderground producer Dan Carey. The band recorded eight of the album’s nine songs in just five days, and the song creation process was “one of refining and rebuilding tracks around the initial structures.”

The group spoke of working with Carey, with Greep​ saying, “He’s just really quick. Some producers will talk for ten minutes about whether to put maracas on a track, but you suggest maracas and Dan Carey will already have them out and you’re recording a take.” Morgan Simpson added, “He doesn’t have an ego, and a lot of producers do. If you want to do something, anything goes, and I think that really compliments the band ’cause we have the same attitude. We do things at the right time, there’s no point doing it before you’re ready. You might as well wait until you’ve got the opportunity to record it in a sick way and when we’ve got the songs exactly where we want them.”

Black Midi will only be sharing the tracklist on the album’s release date, but they have revealed that the record will feature nine tracks and will have a 43:10 runtime.

Check out the Schlagenheim album art below, as well as Black Midi’s upcoming tour dates.

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