Blxst Plays A High School Charmer In His Late Night ‘Chosen’ Performance With Ty Dolla Sign

The Los Angeles rap scene continues to grow and thrive, and Blxst is living proof. After blowing up in 2020 off the strength of his single “Hurt,” the rapper landed a deal with Red Bull Records shortly after, and dropped his debut project, No Love Lost last fall. We gave that project our RX distinction, and caught up with Blxst this summer to get his side of the story for How I Blew Up.’ “Early on I was really rapping,” he told Uproxx. “Until I really got comfortable with my singing voice, I was kinda insecure back then.”

Well, his stage presence couldn’t be more poised for the late-night performance he nailed last night, his debut TV appearance. Joined by west coast R&B staple Ty Dolla Sign, Blxst performed “Chosen,” off No Love Lost for The Tonight Show With Starring Jimmy Fallon. Leaning into a mix of rapping and singing, Blxst makes his way through a high school set in the performance, crooning his loved-up anthem to various girls, all with a little help from Ty. It’s a bit more involved than the typical late-night set-up, which makes for a more enjoyable watch. Check it out above.