Blxst Plays Prince Charming In His Slick ‘Ghetto Cinderella’ Video With Mustard And Terrace Martin

West Coast crooner Blxst plays Prince Charming in the new video for “Ghetto Cinderella” from his recently released EP, Just For Clarity 2. The song, which is produced by Mustard and features an instrumental appearance by Terrace Martin (who else could blow a sax like that?), finds Blxst in full-on lothario mode, making a play on a woman he calls his “Ghetto Cinderella.”

The video, which contains plenty of allusions to the classic fairy tale, takes place mainly in a neighborhood beauty shop, where Blxst gets his hair braided while flirting with one of the shop girls as she sweeps up. After spending some alone time in the LA sunshine, the pair puts in an appearance at a classy-looking gala, where a massive diamond is being displayed.

This is no fairy tale, though, and with no fairy godmother in sight, they make their own dreams come true, leaving behind only a bedazzled Nike Air Force 1. The clip ends with the remaining shop girls perusing a newspaper proclaiming the couple’s wanted status after they disappear with the diamond.

Blxst’s new EP follows the release of his debut album Before You Go. It also contains his Larry June collaboration, “Keep Calling,” as well as a Roddy Ricch team-up.

Watch Blxst’s “Ghetto Cinderella” video above.