Bobby Shmurda Rates The Rappers He Met While Locked Up - Including A C.O. With Real Bars

It’s no secret to hip-hop fans that there are a lot of talented individuals locked up in prison. Many of our favorites, like Gucci Mane, Meek Mill, Offset, Tupac, and more have spent time behind bars — time they used to refine their rap skills so they can return with improved focus. One such rapper who has recently returned home from a lengthy bid is Bobby Shmurda, who was asked to comment on the quality of the rappers he encountered during his appearance on last night’s episode of Desus & Mero.

“What type of rappers were approaching you when you were locked up?” Desus asks. “Because I know people were coming with bars, people were coming with trash bars, you probably had people doing, ‘Mom’s spaghetti, mom’s spaghetti” — a reference to Eminem’s complicated intro to “Lose Yourself,” still the Rap God’s biggest hit nearly 20 years after its release.

“Funniest sh*t is when the C.O. [Correctional Officer] came up to me rapping,” Bobby replies, bursting into laughter. “But he had some sh*t. The next time is when I seen the cold people in there with talent. But what f*cked me up, is when I seen the cold people with talent and the number they got… I be feeling like, ‘Damn, bruh. You got too much talent to be in here locked up.'” He agrees with Desus and Mero that the encounters sobered him up to the reality that the same sentiment could be applied to himself, prompting him to change his mindset.

Elsewhere in the interview, the trio discusses how trying to eat healthy in prison is like a video game and demonstrates why some golf courses restrict certain demographics, in the words of Desus.

Watch the full interview above.