This Video Of Old People Partying At Bonnaroo Will Give You Hope For Your Own Future

Music festivals, while a lot of fun, are usually exhausting, hot death marches that suck all the energy out of you. They’re the kind of events that would certainly cater to younger people. Being at a festival, even out of your 30s, seems like it would be a nightmare (Editor’s note: Yup). Well, Funny or Die decided to prove lazy people like us wrong by sending four people over the age of 70 to Bonnaroo. Despite all the “you’re too old” talk, these four septuagenarians wanted to prove that they could hack it among the youth, and they basically had the musical experience of a lifetime.


Meeting all kinds of bands like Dawes, Guster, Bleachers, and Mumford and Sons, going hard at a silent disco, and waving their hands in the air like they didn’t care to Kendrick Lamar, basically made us feel super crappy about our endurance. These are people who lived through World War II, and we can’t even make it out of bed on time to see the first bands play. Still, these sweet old folks are so inspiring that even though we’ll all probably slow down, we can always get back in the pit at some point. Just without any contact… like, at all.

(Via Funny or Die)