Brad Paisley Lampoons North Carolina With ‘Sit By Your Man’ Bathroom Song

Written by country music icons Tammy Wynette and Billy Sherrill and performed by Wynette in 1968, “Stand by Your Man” is one of the most revered songs in the genre. The tune racked up several Grammy and Country Music Awards and nominations in its original run, and has been covered countless times since by the greatest artists of the past few decades. Like popular country musician Brad Paisley, who stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday to offer his support to the talk show host’s vice presidential campaign. That, and his two cents about the ongoing bathroom bill controversy in states like North Carolina.

Kimmel opened his monologue with a bit about transgender access to public restrooms that dealt with “confusing bathroom signs” (which you can watch below). However, as Paisley said with a straight face, “country music dealt with this in the ’60s.” Hence the 43-year-old singer’s impromptu parody of Wynette’s classic, “Sit by Your Man.” He belted out a verse of the reimagined song which skewers HB2 for the audience, then shared a chorus with Kimmel for good measure.

Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman
Especially when you were born a man
In North Carolina, they’re checking for vaginas
If you want to use the can

Sit by your man
We’re all just human beings
He’s just a human peeing
In the stall right next to you

Sit by your man
Why is this such a big deal?
Hike up your dress and take a stand!
And sit by your man

An instant classic for sure, though whether or not North Carolina will ever want Paisley to return after making their law seem foolish remains to be seen.