Kevin Devine Is ‘Quieting Down’ His Solo Career To Join The Touring Lineup Of Brand New

If you watched the clips of Brand New debuting songs from their excellent fifth LP Science Fiction at High & Low Fest last weekend, you might have noticed a few additional musicians on stage with the band, in addition to the regular quartet. Apparently, one of those musicians was none other than Kevin Devine, who has been a staple in the indie/punk scene for almost a decade now.

Devine took to Facebook to announce that he was putting a pause on his solo work to play a part in the touring incarnation of Brand New, playing additional guitar and providing harmonies. Check out his full statement below.

So, for the foreseeable future, I’ll be touring as a member of Brand New, playing guitar & singing harmonies.

I’ve been playing music with & around Brand New in various ways for basically our entire careers; I love & am proud of them, think they’ve made a(nother) dynamic, special record, and take seriously the opportunity to perform as a part of their band, to help execute their vision & hopefully augment their already plenty-formidable stature.

(It’s also really fun.)

The reason for saying anything in public is to share that I’ll be quieting down the KD world for a while. There will still be a handful of odd shows here & there, and a few non-tour- or proper-record-related projects, but it feels good to do something else, take stock & decide what comes next, and “go away” a bit in some core sense.

That’s it. Thanks as always & be good to each other – these are scary, brutal, psychedelic times, but you’re not alone.

See you out there,

Science Fiction — which recently hit Number One on the Billboard charts — is out now via the Brand New’s label Procrastinate! Music Traitors, which also released Devine’s latest LP Instigator in late 2016.