Brittany Howard Reconsiders The Meaning Of God On Her Stomping New Single ‘He Loves Me’

Earlier this year, Alabama Shakes leader Brittany Howard announced that she would be releasing a solo album titled Jaime, which is named after her sister, who passed away as a teenager due to cancer. That event had an impact on Howard’s faith, but she eventually came to a realization that brought her closer to God, and that is what she addresses on her new single, “He Loves Me.” She also shared a video of a live performance of the song.

Howard said of the single:

“‘He Loves Me’ is a very important track on my record. It is a song I deeply want to share to help others realize loving and being loved by God doesn’t have to look the same for everyone. When my older sister passed away, it took its toll on our family. We grew apart from one another and therefore, we grew apart from our family church. I thought God had intended to hurt us or punish us, but I later realized that I found God in music and I found God in my voice. I learned that He always had a plan for myself and my family. That is what ‘He Loves Me’ is about. It is my greatest realization that He has never left me. All those years that I had turned away, I was still receiving His absolute love and forgiveness.”

Howard also spoke with Zane Lowe about the possibility of another Alabama Shakes record, saying that it is possible while not committing to making another one: “I can’t answer that right now. I mean, as a creative person, I just follow wherever that’s coming from. So at this moment in time, I have to do this, because that’s what my calling is. But in the future, if I’m like, ‘Wow, I really miss all this input, I really miss all the different dynamics,’ I mean, yeah, that’s a conversation that I would have. Everybody’s free to do it, anything they want to. So maybe in the future.”

Listen to “He Loves Me” above.

Jaime is out 9/20 via ATO. Pre-order it here.