Brockhampton Tease The Release Of Their Upcoming Album, ‘Ginger’

Getty Image

Brockhampton is a phenomenally productive group: Since 2017, they’ve already released four albums, and lately, they’ve been teasing a fifth. Earlier this month, they teased something called “Ginger” in a quick media video that featured a snippet of new music. Still, the clip didn’t make it clear what “Ginger” was, but now it’s been confirmed in a new teaser video that Ginger is the name of the band’s fifth studio album.

This afternoon, the group shared a new teaser video, which starts zoomed in on a flashing gallery of the bandmembers’ faces as new music plays in the background. In the final frames of the 24-second clip, it is revealed that the album is indeed called Ginger, and this it is set to be released in August.

In a recent interview, Kevin Abstract compared the new music to Outkast, saying, “We want to make a summer album. Feel-good. Not too sad and like, ‘Oh, our life sucks,’ just more like, ‘Just enjoy what’s in front of you.’ […] Something we’re doing is putting those type of lyrics — like this shit is trash, anxiety, depression, all that stuff — taking those type of lyrics and putting it on a song that a bunch of people could dance to or something. It’s just like ‘Hey Ya!’ My favorite song ever. It’s basically that.”

Watch the teaser above.