Brockhampton’s ‘Team Effort’ Isn’t Coming This Year, But ‘Puppy’ Is

It’s been a roller coaster ride the past few days for Brockhampton fans, and now the boyband has added another loop to the track. Team Effort, the group’s upcoming album, was supposed to be dropping pretty soon, but yesterday, Brockhampton shared a message of divine intervention on Twitter: “Team Effort was scheduled to be released next week but we spoke to God and she told us to save the album for another time.”

The good news, though, is that they won’t be leaving the world with nothing, since they announced later that day that a different album is on the way, and it’ll be out as soon as this summer. The group shared an image that suggested something called Puppy would be released this summer, and in a series of tweets, Kevin Abstract quickly clarified, “Puppy summer 2018 album #4. No Team Effort this year. PUPPY IS THE ALBUM NAME. YES, THE GREATEST BOYBAND IN THE WORLD IS CURRENTLY WORKING ON PUPPY.”

As for whatever the group is working on next, it looks like they might be trying to get Jaden Smith involved: Abstract mentioned him in a tweet and wrote, “Come to the studio bro.”

The group also extended their current tour recently, so find those dates here.