Bruce Springsteen Gives Kanye West, Green Day And Kendrick Lamar His Full Seal Of Approval

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In between stops on his record-breaking world tour (where he and his E Street Band have been performing for at least three and a half to four hours) , Bruce Springsteen released his highly anticipated autobiography, Born To Run, earlier this week following a compilation album that features some of his earliest recordings.

On Wednesday night, The Boss stopped by Apple SoHo for a relaxed interview conducted by admitted superfan, Apple senior VP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue. After discussing his childhood, mental illnesses that members of his family — and Springsteen himself — have endured, and how music has always been his own “medicine,” the rock icon also revealed who some of his favorite contemporary artists are and teased the audience about a potential new album.

“When you think about rock and roll today, where do you think it is?” asked Cue. “And who do you think are the great singers and rockers that are coming up today?” After a short pause, Springsteen responded that he’s a fan of Green Day, whose new album, Revolution Radio hits shelves next month. “They’re thoughtful and intense,” he said. “My old friends from U2 are still doing just fine,” he laughed. “They consistently sound great and are creative.” He then admitted that he has an “iPod full of things that can’t come to mind at the moment… I like Kendrick Lamar a lot; I like Kanye West, I think he makes great records; those are very creative amazing records.”

Cue also raised a discussion about Springsteen’s incredible work ethic, his on-stage charisma and stamina, and his story-telling abilities, noting that the book is a true labor of love that took him seven years to write. For most of the evening, Springsteen was sincere and candid although he was playfully tight-lipped when it came to discussing what’s next. Cue prodded him for information on his upcoming album; Springsteen’s reply was vague: “It’s kind of a solo record … Maybe we’ll get it out this year, if we’re lucky.”

We hope so.