Bryan Adams’ Vintage Guitar Was Apparently Vandalized By Egyptian Customs

bryan adams
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Airport customs is never fun. Seriously, who likes waiting in line to enter a country after you just got off a long international flight and are probably tired and cranky? It’s not a great time, ever. What would make customs an even worse experience is probably if you had a beloved vintage guitar that was drawn on during the travel process. Which is exactly what happened to Bryan Adams and his beloved 1946 Martin D-18.

Anyone would be unhappy that their personal possessions were marked up and possibly permanently damaged by transportation officials, and Adams seems understandably annoyed in an initial Facebook post about the experience.

The “Summer of ’69” singer followed up with another post, however, that made sure all of his fans know the guitar will be okay and although he wasn’t happy it was marked up that he still considers Egypt A-OK in his book.

Which is reasonable, considering that it’s pretty hard to be angry at Egypt when they have tons of cool stuff like The Sphinx and pyramids and….everything else from ancient times. The good news is that Adams looks like he had loads of fun on his travels besides the guitar issue. Nothing says “having a great time in the desert” like playing guitar in front of The Sphinx.

(via CNN)