Premiere: Buy Muy Drugs And Open Mike Eagle Lament Suburban Dystopia In The ‘American Robot’ Video

Buy Muy Drugs is a new, collaborative experimental hip-hop duo who will be dropping their self-titled debut LP on August 29.

Their first single, “American Robot,” which we’re premiering above, is an unsettling meditation on the repetition and ultimate pointlessness of American suburban consumerism. While Buy Muy Drugs’ bellowing hook turns the components of the daily grind into a sort of chain gang chant, repeating, “Wake up every morning, and I brush my teeth / Kiss the wife, go to work,” Guest rapper Open Mike Eagle provides the deconstruction of the malaise that comes from climbing the endless ladder to nowhere, detailing how “My son has been asking for different fire trucks / Climb the corporate ladder, pal around with the higher-ups.”

The Afro-Brazilian inspired percussion accentuates the disconcerting sense of being reduced to just another cog in a giant corporate machine, as the boys stand on the deck of beached yacht in a barren wasteland, using perspective to give the illusion of forward motion, which only deepens the biting satire of the fruitlessness of the rat race. Meanwhile, the visuals warp and distort throughout, polarizing the artists’ faces and intercutting images of war and destruction, the two primary engines that often fuel economic “progress.”

The album will feature Yasiin Bey, Open Mike Eagle, Quelle Chris, Billy The Kid, Sassi Blaque, Big Tone, and Adad. Follow Buy Muy Drugs on Twitter here.