Camila Cabello’s Pitbull And J Balvin Collab ‘Hey Ma’ Is Her Attempt To Become Ms. Worldwide

Camilla Cabello is wasting no time in attempting to position herself as a global pop star. Fresh off of her split with Fifth Harmony, the Cuban-American singer is pushing her sound into places that she couldn’t go with the girl group. Case in point, her first official, non-leaked track as a solo artist “Hey Ma.”

The Spanish-language pop song from The Fate Of The Furious soundtrack also features two other artists who push for global stardom. Pitbull — who has already successfully earned his Mr. Worldwide alias — and J Balvin, a reggaeton superstar looking to become known outside of the Caribbean and East Coast enclaves where that music is popular.

Though it’s almost entirely in Spanish, “Hey Ma” might be a good start for both of them. And it’s not like the Furious franchise hasn’t been involved with pushing a non-English song in America before. An inclusion on the Fast Five soundtrack certainly didn’t hinder Don Omar’s world-dominating single “Danza Kuduro.”

Cabello also isn’t the only artist on the track who recently went through a bit of controversy. Pitbull shared how much he made on the Visit Florida-sponsored track “Sexy Beaches” after a Republican outcry about the spending on that promotional single.