Camp Cope Take The Sydney Opera House By Storm With A Seething, Timely Performance Of ‘The Opener’

With the release of their sophomore LP How To Socialise And Make Friends just over the horizon, Melbourne’s Camp Cope descended on the legendary Sydney Opera House for a seething performance of “The Opener” after two sold-out shows at the landmark venue.

The video, which was uploaded to the Opera House’s YouTube channel, was filmed in the Utzon Room, which was named after the building’s Danish architect Jørn Utzon, and is located just beneath the famed sails that have become a familiar image. Interestingly, the above video marks the first time a punk band — and a band of only female members — has been filmed live at the House. Through the windows behind the trio, the beautiful Sydney Harbor lies just below the elevated platform, making for an incredibly beautiful backdrop for the performance and filling the room with natural light. Check out the video above.

For a song that discusses the inherent struggles of being a woman in music, the release of the performance video is a timely one, as the trio recently took their time on stage at an Australian festival to call out the organizers, criticizing the fact that they had only booked nine women on their lineup. The festival, in turn, responded in a statement that read: “Taking control yourself, is a great way to effect change.” The track is a rightfully pissed-off and powerful response to statements just like this one, and with it, Camp Cope have become a strong voice in the quest for change in the industry.

How To Socialise & Make Friends is out 3/2 on Run For Cover Records. Pre-order it here.