Cam’ron Flipped Vanessa Carlton’s Iconic ‘A Thousand Miles’ Into ‘10,000 Miles’

Cam’ron is the only one who could make a teenage girls anthem acceptable in hip-hop. Or at least try to do it anyway. On Monday, Killa previewed his newest song, titled “10,000 Miles,” on Instagram and the song samples Vanessa Carlton’s 2002 radio hit “A Thousand Miles.” For anyone unfamiliar with the song by name, maybe we should just call it the song Terry Crews loved so enthusiastically on White Chicks.

In the teaser clip, King Jaffe Joe rides the song’s familiar piano riff while rhyming about messing up and losing his ride-or-die chick. He spits, “I need to say ‘sorry,’ I already knew it, But my pride won’t let me do it, though, Best girl in the world, I might’ve blew it, Like a small condom, I get through it, through.” He’s releasing the full tune next week and it should automatically be entered alongside the similar tracks like “357,” “Let Me Know” and “Facts of Life” as moments where Cam pulled for pop culture to craft cuts made out of familiar soundbeds.

That’s not all either since the above clip shows footage of what Cam says will be his next film release. No name is mentioned but he does note it will be directed by Clifton Bell and it’s slated for release this summer. Lord knows Cam’s had a history with getting our hopes for new releases and sometimes not following through in the end. For now, a full version of “10,000” would be a good start while we wait to see how the movie pans out.