Why Can’t Kanye West’s ‘Anchorman 2’ Album With Paul Rudd Be Real?

I’m going to quote Ron Burgundy himself here, so that there’s no confusion. Last night, at the MTV Europe Music Awards, when asked about the upcoming documentary based on his life, Burgundy said, “Kanye was there, he just wanted to come by. He’s a big, big fan. He’s doing an album with Paul Rudd, which I shouldn’t have said.”

In this scenario, Will Ferrell is not Ron Burgundy, Ron Burgundy is Ron Burgundy, even though Paul Rudd is still Paul Rudd, and not Brian Fantana. So when Ron, Not-Will Ferrell says that current-day rapper Kanye West is making an album with Paul Rudd, Not-Brian, even though Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues takes place in the past, he means that…my brain hurts so much. Dance us out of here, Paul.

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