Nine Inch Nails And Captain Marvel Are Selling A Collaborative T-Shirt


Marvel’s latest movie, Captain Marvel, grossed $6.1 million at the box office upon release and features Brie Larson as a 1990’s superhero. This is a post about the film that contains no spoilers, other than the fact that Carol Danvers wears a classic Nine Inch Nails shirt during parts of the film.

We won’t spoil how Danvers acquires that look, but since it first showed up in trailers it’s been an iconic nod to the 90s fans have loved. And to celebrate the movie’s release, Marvel and Nine Inch Nails are released a collaborative t-shirt.

The tee is available for a limited time on the band’s website, as is the plain logo shirt that Larson’s character is seen wearing in Captain Marvel. Curiously, although Captain Marvel is the first of Marvel’s films to feature a woman superhero as the main character, the band decided to sell both shirts in men’s sizes only.

The film’s costume designer Sanja Milkovic Hays talked about the decision to use the band’s t-shirt in an interview with Popsugar.

“There was a lot of back and forth [about which band would go on her shirt], because we thought about the music, but we also had to look at the logos. We looked at some logos of bands, and some of them are very busy and colorful and stuff like that, so even though their music could be appropriate for the character, it would be too distracting from her face. But Nine Inch Nails was kind of sweet and subtle. It’s there, but your eyes don’t keep going down, dragging your attention from her face.”

The collaborative Marvel shirt is selling for $25, which isn’t a bad price to look like a super hero.