Car Seat Headrest Dropped A Rap Diss Track In Response To Ricky Eat Acid’s Scathing Essay

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06.08.17 5 Comments

Earlier today a Brooklyn indie musician, Sam Ray, who creates music under the monikers Ricky Eat Acid and Teen Suicide, wrote a scathing critique of Car Seat Headrest’s music, which he thinks is thoroughly bland and overall bad — even when he’s laying on a carpet stoned, trying to like the music. Okay, cool. In the meantime, Toledo got wind of the essay as it spread throughout social media and various sites, and decided to respond in traditional rap beef fashion — by releasing a diss track.

Said track is “featuring” Sam Ray, and is overall pretty terrible, which makes sense for the tongue-in-cheek response that Toledo is clearly going for. He titled it “Stoney Bologne” and released it on Soundcloud with a dark picture of himself smoking a cigarette. Classic, eh? The sole line describing the song also alldues to the beef, obviously: “This one’s for you sam.” I actually love Car Seat Headrest’s music a whole lot, but one thing I kinda hate is white indie musicians use rap tropes in a mocking way to suit their own purposes.

Sam has issued yet another scathing response:

Personally, I’d rather listen to only Car Seat Headrest for the rest of time than continue to report on this, but here we are. You can listen to the song above.

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