Will Toledo Shut Down The Car Seat Headrest Subreddit After Some Toxic Community Drama

Hip-Hop Editor


Reddit can be a fantastic resource for music fans to connect with like-minded people and fellow lovers of the same artists (and even find and share cool rarities), but it can very quickly turn toxic when fans take love for an artist too far into into entitlement, possession, and competition. That’s exactly what happened with the Car Seat Headrest subreddit (r/CarSeatHR), causing the band themselves to step in and have the forum temporarily suspended.

Whatever the issue was (the site is currently inaccessible to anyone other than moderators), it apparently got out of hand, putting the band’s frontman Will Toledo in a very uncomfortable place. He took to his Twitter after requesting for the takedown to request fans “chill the f*ck out” and just “enjoy the music.”

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