Cardi B Urges People To ‘Stop Being Xenophobic’ Over The Coronavirus Pandemic

With the coronavirus epidemic still spreading in the US and certain quarters of American leadership insisting on referring to it by its origin rather than its correct title, racism and xenophobia against some groups has shown a marked increase in recent weeks. Leave it to Cardi B to once again be the voice of… maybe not “reason,” but possibly “humanity” in the face of the challenges the outbreak has brought with it.

During a recent Instagram Live stream, Cardi addressed the spike in recent attacks against folks of apparently East Asian decent. “Lets stop being xenophobic,” she implored her viewers. “Let’s stop saying f*cked-up jokes. Let’s stop having crazy anger because I’ve been seeing a lot of Asians get beat up and all that sh*t.” While Cardi’s had her fair share of fights in the past, she acknowledged that in this instance, more unity would be the best interest of everyone, “because at the end of the day — in the eyes of God — we’re all one.”

Cardi has spoken out about the virus’ outbreak a bunch recently, joking around about coronavirus conspiracy theories and watching her original post go viral in the form of a dance remix, the proceeds of which she has promised to donate to charity.

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Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. .