Cardi B Celebrates Making The News In China After Voicing Her Concerns About The Coronavirus

Earlier this week, Cardi B revealed that the upcoming single from her sophomore album would be “delayed due to the virus.” This was not the first time the Grammy-winning rapper spoke about the pandemic. Just a day before breaking the news about the delay, Cardi voiced her own concerns about the virus in an Instagram post. The following day, she returned with another Instagram video on the same topic, saying, “sh*t is getting real.”

“Like come on now, let’s stop playing around,” she said. “Is this coronavirus sh*t gonna be like a couple of week type of sh*t or is gonna couple of month type of sh*t?” Trying to find a moment to celebrate in this time of concern and panic, Cardi returned to Instagram once again to reveal that the words her video had wound up on a Chinese news station.

An excited Cardi begins by saying, “Let me tell you how a b*tch was on the motherf*cking Chinese news. My n***a I was in China talking sh*t!” She then goes on to play a clip from the news coverage, adding that they “probably think I’m a f*cking scientist or something” as a result of her comments.

Cardi ended the video by telling viewers to “spread the word, not the germs.”

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.