Cardi B Explained That She Referred To Her Met Gala Dress Designer As ‘Asian’ Because She Didn’t Want To Mispronounce His Name

This past Monday (May 6), Cardi B had one of the most talked about looks at the Met Gala. However, when identifying the designer, Cardi made a bit of a faux pas.

During the red carpet portion, Emma Chamberlain interviewed Cardi. When she asked her about who she was wearing, Cardi appeared to draw a blank. She explained “They’re Asian and everything” — an identifier that was met with backlash.

In a comment section Vogue‘s former managing director Gilbert Cheah expressed disdain toward how Cardi acknowledge designer Sensen Lii.

“For the record and recognition, and no thanks to Cardi B, the designer of her gown is Sensen Lii who’s Chinese,” said Cheah. “The gown took two months to make. I personally think it’s boring and not even on theme but she chose it and should have at least remembered his name and not just that he’s ‘Asian’.”

Cardi later took to Instagram to explain that she didn’t mean to “be offensive.” She noted that she did, in fact, draw a blank on how to pronounce Lii’s name, and didn’t want to get it wrong.

“I kind of forgot how to pronounce the designer’s name because his name is a little bit complicated… my mind was just racing,” Cardi explained.

At the time of writing, Lii has not directly commented on the matter.

(Via TMZ)