Doja Cat, Dressed As A Cat, Gave Emma Chamberlain Only Meows In A Hilarious Red-Carpet Interview

Yesterday, as part of the biggest night for fashion, Doja Cat appeared at the 2023 Met Gala, paying tribute to the theme, Karl Lagerfeld: A Line Of Beauty, in a unique way.

Fitting to her stage name, Doja dressed as Lagerfeld’s cat, Choupette, but with a high-quality spin. (Unlike others, who simply chose to just wear a giant cat suit.) Doja’s sparkly dress had a hood with cat ears. She also had some special effects makeup on that turned her into the animal. Because of this, she committed fully to the bit on the red carpet.

In a currently viral interview with Emma Chamberlain, a YouTuber who was talking to the other guests, Doja decided to answer in a way that only she could.

“I mean, wait, so who made it?” Chamberlain asks about the dress. Doja replies with a simple answer, “Meow.”

To every question, she makes a similar sound. “Wow, OK. So, something a little different,” Chamberlain responds as Doja nods.

“What was your inspiration for tonight? And be honest with me. Go into detail,” the interview continues. This time, Doja answers with a few different meows, in place of an actual answer. Sadly, as most of us don’t speak cat, we won’t be able to know for sure what she actually was saying. Or thinking.

Check out Doja being a cat above. Below, find some more reactions to the hilarious and unique interview.