Cardi B Pushed Back Against Any Haters Of Her Being On Flo Milli’s ‘Never Lose Me’ Remix

Cardi B, in typical fashion, did not hold back on the haters of her being on Flo Milli’s remix of “Never Lose Me” alongside SZA. During a recent Instagram Live, Cardi walked around and had some words for her followers.

“When the Flo Milli remix came out, b*tches were acting like they were so mad that I was on it,” she said. “‘Cardi not even gonna sound good on this.’ And then when it came out, you know the haters — some of them didn’t even hear it. They was like, ‘She just don’t go with the song.’ And now there’s over 10,000 TikToks of people talking about, ‘B*tch could never be me in her life!’”

“And the artist — which is Flo Milli — said she f*cking loved the verse,” Cardi added. “And she’s a real b*tch. She ain’t gonna be like, ‘Oh yeah I love it!’ just because she wanted me on the song. She loved it. And SZA loved it, b*tch. I wanna say this why you can’t listen to no f*cking body.”

Flo Milli had dropped the remix of the song a few days earlier, as part of her Fine Ho, Stay album.

Check out a clip of Cardi B’s Instagram Live here.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. .