Cardi B Claps Back At Critics Trying To Surface Her Old Tweets As ‘Racist’ Toward Black Women

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There is an old internet saying: “Delete your old tweets when you get famous.” Up-and-coming rap star Cardi B would do well to heed the wisdom of those who came before her now that she’s getting looks from Drake, Idris Elba, D.R.A.M., and The Fader.

User @WokeMutant posted a long series of tweets of Cardi B calling her detractors “roaches,” a favored clapback of the unfiltered Dominican and Trinidadian Bronx-born rapper. Apparently @WokeMutant (erroneously) assumed that “roach” was a derogatory term aimed specifically at Black women, and sought to “expose” what they viewed as latent racism on Cardi’s part. However, the approach backfired, as Cardi — never one to let her name come up in disrespectful contexts on social media without having something to say — popped up to explain herself, as only she can.

Cardi reeled off a series of tweets of her own, explaining that “roach” is a term used in the Bronx as a derogatory for anyone the speaker feels is being disrespectful, as many of the tweeters Cardi responded to in the tweets @WokeMutant included in the thread were. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper also included a older video calling herself a roach, saying she uses the term to talk about herself, and a lot of women from the Bronx use it as well.

She also pointed out that she had apologized for previous use of the slur “tranny” and hadn’t used it since being called out previously.

@WokeMutant’s original tweet is below, along with Cardi’s non-threaded replies.