Cardi B Says That Her Feet Are So Small She Needs To Wear Children’s Shoes

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Cardi B has broadcasted snippets and details of her life on social media long before her rap career took off, and fame clearly hasn’t changed that aspect of the “Press” rapper’s life. Cardi B posted a video on Twitter revealing her feet are so small that she needs to wear child-size shoes.

Cardi B revealed her sneaker size in a photo she posted to Twitter. “REEBOK ….. Fun fact I am a size 3 and a half in sneakers,” she said.

She later posted a video of her Jordan sneakers and showed the size label. “Yes, I’m a size three-and-a-half. This one is a size three because it’s really hard to find sneakers that are three-and-a-half,” said the rapper. “If f ya ever wanna buy me a gift now ya know my shoe size,” the caption stated. A youth size three-and-a-half is equivalent to a women’s size three.

One fan replied to her Reebok photo, saying her body wasn’t proportional because she was a “big gyal with small feet.” Cardi clapped back by assuring she was in no way a big gal. “I’m actually 5’3 and I weight 120,” she said

Luckily for Cardi B, youth sized shoes are much cheaper than women’s sizes— not that the rapper needs to be concerned about prices.