Cardi B Doubles Down About Her ‘Tomorrow 2’ Lyric And Fighting Another ‘B*tch’ For A Man: ‘Don’t Drag Me’

Cardi B has offered her side of the story, following some backlash to a lyric in her verse from GloRilla’s “Tomorrow 2.”

“I fight for my b*tches and I’m fightin’ over d*ck too,” Cardi B notes on the song.

The Bronx rapper posted a video to Twitter of herself wearing a diamond Playboy chain, as she explains. “Don’t drag me !!!” she captioned.

“If a b*tch goes through your purse and she steals some of your money, you not gonna fight that b*tch?” she said in the video. “Yeah, b*tch, you gonna fight for your money, right? So if a n**** is providing for you, giving you money, paying your bills, doing all that sh*t, and a b*tch go take him from you — you not gonna fight over that d*ck?”

“That’s your money,” Cardi added. “You not gonna fight for that? B*tch, cause I’m fighting with teeth.”

Despite Cardi’s explanation, not everyone in the replies agreed with her take on fighting over a man.

“It’s hard no. If my man was taken by another women than he was never meant for me,” one person wrote.

“I get my own and that’s what I have taught my daughter. We are not out here relying on dudes for income!” another replied.

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