Despite Cardi B’s ‘WAP’ Lyrics, She Is Cooking One Thing For Thanksgiving

It looks like Cardi B may be all talk, at least when it comes to one specific lyric from “WAP.” At one point, she raps, “I don’t cook, I don’t clean,” but based on her Thanksgiving tweets, it turns out that line may be inaccurate.

This afternoon, Cardi tweeted, “Happy Thanksgiving everyone!Enjoy your family & friends and the turkey legs.” In response to a later tweet, a fan wrote, “STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN SIS!!” Cardi replied, “I’m cooking the salad.” At least one fan was confused by the idea of “cooking” a salad, as they replied, “Wtf u cooking the croutons.” Cardi responded, “Sksksksksk.”

So not only does Cardi in fact cook (depending on your definition of “cook”), but this revelation comes after Offset debunked the other part of that lyric. Earlier this month, Offset shared a video of Cardi sweeping the floor in her home. He says in the clip, “You need to stop lying on your songs, man. She be lyin’. She cleanin’. She got to clean.”

This begs the question: What else has Cardi not been that honest about? For instance, does she really want a big Mack truck parked in her little garage?

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. .