Cardi B Asks Fans For Her Wig Back After Throwing It Into The Crowd

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Cardi B is well into her world tour. The “I Like It” rapper performed a large production at London’s Wireless festival. She played all her hits and was feeling the crowd so much that she threw her wig off the stage while rapping her hit single “Press.” She then continued the rest of her performance wearing just a wig cap.

“I got carried away,” she wrote on Twitter. “I want my wig back.” Cardi asked her fans to DM her if they knew where her wig went.

One fan claims he was the one to catch her wig and took to Twitter to share his excitement.

The fan referred to himself as Cardi’s “wigsitter.”

Others are, of course, already trying to sell parts of her wig online.

Fans gave Cardi a lot of respect for letting loose on stage.

The “Press” rapper also brought Lil Nas X to the stage to perform a surprise rendition of his hit song “Old Town Road.” Cardi features on Lil Nas X’s new track “Rodeo” off his debut EP 7.

In other news, Cardi B tried and failed to trademark her catchphrase “okurrr.” The rapper wanted the trademark in order to sell merch with the phrase. The U.S. Patent and Trademark offices refused her request and stated the phrase fell under the category of “widely-used commonplace expressions” and can’t belong to a specific person.