Carlos Santana Reunited With His Former Drummer Who's Been Homeless For Decades

Carlos Santana, the person, has seen many musicians come and go through Santana, the band, since its formation in 1966. Wikipedia lists over 60 names, including Marcus Malone, who played percussion from 1967–1969. Little information exists on Malone because for decades, he’s been homeless, fending for himself on the streets of Oakland. That’s according to KRON 4′s Stanley Roberts, who recently spoke to Malone before realizing who he was.

The man, who identified himself as Marcus Malone, told Stanley that he was a landscaper and a music composer. He also revealed his connection to a Bay Area music legend, Carlos Santana. “At one time I was with the Santana band, the original Santana blues band,” Marcus said. “Now I’m homeless and on the streets.” (Via)

After doing some research, Roberts learned Malone really was in Santana, and it was time for a reunion with Mr. Smooth himself. They lost touch many years ago, after Malone spent time in San Quentin for undisclosed reasons, but Santana “journeyed from his home in the North Bay to Pearmain Street in Oakland numerous times to find his friend but was unsuccessful…Roberts was eventually called on to help Santana find his friend.” Here it is.

(Via KRON 4)