Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Cut To The Feeling’ Captures The Excitement Of Impossible Love

Carly Rae Jepsen may not be as big a pop star as someone like Taylor Swift or Katy Perry, but she has developed a cult fan base who squeal with delight whenever she makes a move. Today, she shared a new song called “Cut To The Feeling,” a snippet of which had already leaked a bit earlier this year, because it’s featured in the new film Leap!.

However, fans of E•MO•TION — and full disclosure I’m a huge stan for that album — will be thrilled to learn that it comes from the same songwriting sessions that produced most of the tracks on that record. It’s full of the same heady, butterflies-in-your-stomach adoration, quick, persistent drums and painted-on synths. It invokes angels, dancing on the roof, the and relentless attraction and the near-impossibility of the relationship working out — just like all good love songs should. What’s the fun if love is slow and easy and normal?

Don’t worry, there’s none of that here. According to the song’s narrative, it’s one of those loves that’s been bubbling for a long time, but both parties have denied it — until they couldn’t anymore. Listen above, and let’s hope that Jepsen has been immersing herself in new songwriting session in the meantime. It’s been almost two years since E•MO•TION!