Lana Del Rey’s ‘Carmen’ Video Is A Mystery Wrapped Within An Enigma, Or Something


Object of internet fascination Lana Del Rey may or may not be dating enormous star Axl Rose, but she most definitely tweeted about her new video for “Carmen” on Saturday night. Well, first she tweeted just the word Carmen, and then an hour later she tweeted simply, “explains everything” — which was so artsy because it really didn’t explain anything. Then, after another hour of silence — we’d like to imagine she was spinning in a lace gown the whole time — she finally tweeted a link to the video. Oh, so that explains everything. Kind of. If by “explains everything” we mean “we’re more confused after watching the video than we were before it”.

The song opens with a blooming rose and a pole dancer (ooo, symbolism) before cycling through a nearly random assemblage of old footage and home movies with a few shaky cam videos of Del Rey thrown in just often enough to remind us it’s a Del Rey music video and not a student film or Stewie Griffin’s “Everything I Do.” I’m not really following the story arc here.

But judge the video for yourself. “Carmen” is embedded below and on the pages that follow you’ll find several GIFs of Del Rey spinning on SNL, which inevitably became a meme. All pictures via Lana Del Rey Dancing, because of course this has a dedicated Tumblr.