Philly Punks Cayetana Wonder How Everyone Can Be So Damn Sure On The Raw ‘Certain For Miles’

There’s nothing that will shake up your sense of what’s real like the death of a close friend. And that’s exactly what Cayetana was going through when they wrote “Certain For Miles,” a raging screed against people who appear to have a solid sense of the world.

“It doesn’t make much sense. I’m older, but I’m always on the fence,” Augusta Koch sings on the track from the Philly punk band’s upcoming album New Kind Of Normal. “And I always seem to doubt how everyone seems to have it all, all figured out.”

While the song was born from a very specific moment in the band members’ life, the sentiments they wring out of it are universal. Who hasn’t felt like their peers were gliding through life with an innate sense of where they’re going while they’re just trying to figure out which direction to step in? There’s a reason that “adulting” as a verb (and now a course you can actually take) is a thing. Everybody feels like they just aren’t getting it sometimes.

Cayetana say that their new album — which is due out on May 5 — will be full of these kinds of self-explorations.

“The record is about mental health,” the band said in a statement, “struggling with that and settling into a new kind of normal where you can finally recognize your own your destructive behaviors and accept love into your life.”

Listen to “Certain For Miles” up top and revisit the album’s first single before pre-order New Kind Of Normal here.