The Celebration Rock Podcast Discusses The Best Albums Of 2017

This week, Uproxx will be counting down our favorite music of the year, both on overall lists for albums and songs as well as genre-specific lists covering dozens of records that you won’t find on most other year-end lists. The idea is to give our readers scores of recommendations for music they might have missed before now, rather than simply praise the same handful of albums that seem to show up on everybody’s lists this time of the year.

To kick off the week, I invited Caitlin White, the managing editor for our music section, to talk about the Uproxx lists as well as our own personal favorite albums of the year. (I’ll be posting my personal year-end list of 50 favorite albums on Tuesday.) Before we get into it, this pre-list caveat from my list in 2016 is an evergreen preamble:

The only redeeming aspect of music list-making season is spotlighting albums that people might have missed earlier in the year. On my list, you’ll surely see albums that you’re familiar with, but hopefully you’ll also make a discovery or two that will brighten your day in these dark times.

Also: I don’t claim that these are the best albums, only my favorite albums of 2016. Perhaps this distinction will strike some as “nitpicky” or “purely semantic” or “flat-out weaselly.” But trust me: I’ve been doing this for a while, and I know that approximately one minute after this list posts, I’ll find five records that I like more than anything I’ve included here. And, while that’s always bad for my lists, it’s great for me, because I like discovering good stuff that I didn’t already know about, no matter the calendar year or my professional deadlines.

All right, let’s start counting!

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