Chance The Rapper Freestyles At His Album Release Party But Doesn’t Release His Album

Getty Image

It’s July 26, aka Chance The Rapper’s “big day,” yet his “debut” album, The Big Day, is nowhere to be found. Fans online are highly distraught and Chance isn’t helping matters by remaining silent about the delay. That didn’t stop him from holding his release party with Spotify late last night, where he regaled fans in attendance with tracks from the album, as well as an original, off-the-dome freestyle, helpfully captured here by Chicago’s Andrew Barber of FakeShoreDrive.

Chance seems to be having a great time backed by his band and the fans seem to get a kick out of his improvised rhymes, which include punchlines like “I feel funky like an open pit” and “I gotta catch my mind ’cause it moves so fast that I have to rewind.” Meanwhile, fans online bombarded Chance’s account with requests for the album ranging from asking where it was to theorizing possible reasons for the delay.

One fan even went so far as to photoshop the cover, which originally featured Chance holding a clear, bejeweled CD, to remove the CD and leave Chance’s hand empty.

Fortunately, there’s enough other new music out today that Chance’s fans haven’t yet escalated the situation to a full scale revolt but if an explanation doesn’t come along soon, The Big Day might end up getting canceled by impatient fans who’ve gotten fed up after similar overshot release dates from 21 Savage and Kanye West.