Chance The Rapper Teased A New Track In A Heartfelt Video Dedicated To His Wife

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Chance the Rapper has been slowly teasing his new “owbum” for several months, with little confirmed about it beyond that it’s supposed to finally see the light of day in July. As of July 4th, the album can be pre-ordered online but still has a “TBD” release date. Fans have been anxiously awaiting any news of new music, and on Friday the rapper gave fans wa one-minute tease of a new song in an emotional video dedicated to his wife.

The video plays over a stripped-down song. Chance sings with just a piano.

“I cant believe it / I must be the luckiest guy alive,” Chance sings. A montage of images and videos play of Chance and his wife, Kirsten Corley, and their three-year-old daughter Kensli. The video shows the moment chance proposed to Corley at a family gathering. Chance got down on one knee and put a ring on Corley’s finger while their daughter held his arm. The teaser shows a video of Corley’s wedding ring, a simple band inlayed with diamonds.

Fireworks play after the video montage. Text appears on the screen which says, “It’s July,” “TBD,” and “Pre-order now @”

Fans thought the video was very moving, but still expressed their impatience for Chance’s new record.

The tease of this new song comes shortly after Chance dropped his single, “Groceries.”