Chance The Rapper Is Taking Over Ralph Lauren’s Flagship Store For A Digital Concert

Whatever hip-hop Twitter has decided about his recent music, Chance The Rapper is still inarguably one of the genre’s most vibrant and electric performers. However, thanks to the global pandemic that has most of the music industry on lockdown, he hasn’t been able to showcase this side of his artistry, outside of reposting his favorite television performances on Instagram. Perhaps that’s why public sentiment has turned on him — at least, in part — but tonight, he might be able to turn the tide with his first “live” digital performance of 2020.

The concert, set to take place at the flagship Ralph Lauren store in Chicago at 9:00pm ET tonight (September 14), will stream live on Chance’s social media as well as the brand’s. It’s a pre-recorded performance, so expect a lot of production value. Meanwhile, there will be an interactive AR waiting room on Snapchat ahead of the performance allowing fans to take a nostalgic look at Chance’s career so far and at Ralph Lauren’s future fashions. The show will be available via website, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for 24 hours after it goes live.

In a statement, Chance said, “Music and fashion to me have always been interlinked. Ralph Lauren has always been one of my favorite designers, right by my side for some of my favorite moments in my career and personal life. This intimate virtual concert ties together all the greatest events of my life and allows me to sing about them the way I always wanted to.”

Watch Chance’s digital concert live at 9pm ET/6pm PT tonight.