Chance The Rapper’s 8th Grade Rap Name Wasn’t As On The Nose, But He’s Still Better Off For Changing It

Chance The Rapper is currently promoting his mini-tour celebrating the 10th anniversary of his breakthrough mixtape, Acid Rap, and last night, he stopped by Late Night With Seth Myers. Sporting a Canadian tuxedo and his signature baseball cap, Chance recounted the success of Acid Rap, his early career doing shows at the library, and even his first rap name — which wasn’t quite as good as his current one.

“‘Chance The Rapper’ is a great rap name because it’s very on the nose,” Myers commented. “But I have to imagine you had some other options early on.”

“Oh yeah,” Chance remembered. “When I was in 8th grade, I went by Tony Jizzle… I’m glad that that part of my life is over with.” Cue the loud guffaws from the crowd.

The Rapper — lol — also had some fun reminiscing on that hilarious night a few years ago when the New York Knicks redundantly described him as “Chance The Rapper: Rapper” on their Jumbotron, leading to both a cheeky response from Chance and one of my favorite things I’ve written. Myers pulled out a screenshot from a much more recent Chicago Bulls game in which the Jumbotron at his hometown arena took his suggestion to the Knicks in describing him instead as “Chance The Rapper: Father/Zaddy.”

You can watch the full interview above.