Channel Tres Releases A New Surprise Instrumental Album, ‘Refresh’

Known for pushing the envelope with each of his projects, Channel Tres has just dropped a new instrumental album with no prior promotion. On Refresh, Tres showcases his prowess for producing tracks.

Known for songs like “Controller” and “Fuego,” Tres has become known for rapping and singing over groovy, kinetic dance beats. Refresh contains these kinds of tracks, reminiscent of Detroit techno and Chicago house, with Tres hoping fans will feel creative as they listen to the seven songs.

In an Instagram post, Tres wrote, “here’s a beat tape to start 2022….made a bunch of beats while on tour with cat and in my room also drew this cover art. hope ya create something while listening.”

In a 2019 interview with Uproxx, Tres said he finds more inspiration in the “spirit” of the music than the actual sound. “I think a lot of people right now are artists that fit into a category of what you think how they should be,” he said. “But if you push the conventions, it frees up other kids that are coming after us seeing certain images. It’s hard a lot of times for Black kids to find an image, because we get told what we should be. I just know if I let somebody put me in a box, someone else might not get the freedom to be who they’re supposed to be.”

Tres was supposed to perform at Coachella in 2020, however, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic halted those plans. While in isolation, Tres produced and wrote an EP called I Can’t Go Outside. Last year, Channel Tres made appearances on tracks by Tokimonsta and Emotional Oranges, and also toured across the U.S. with singer and instrumentalist Thundercat.

Tres is set to perform at Ceremonia 2022 in Mexico City this April, as well as Governors Ball in June.

Refresh is out now via Art For Their Own Good. Get it here.